Beachy Cove Earrings | Labradorite

Sparkes Design


Three stone rough Labradorite drop earrings! 

Dory Blue is Sparkes Design premier collection featuring raw, high quality Labradorite. Named for the place it was discovered, Labrador, Canada, Labradorite reflects the province’s rich beauty and resilience. Innit lore say the gemstone was created when the northern lights became trapped in the stone. All Dory Blue pieces are shaped around the natural pieces of Labradorite to emphasize the individuality and quality of each gemstone.

Labradorite is widely known as the stone of transformation. It facilitates strength and perseverance through ones transitions, making it a useful companion through change. When worn, it will balance and protect your aura, strengthen your natural intuition, and stimulate your imagination.

Please note that all of our gemstones are natural and no two stones are exactly alike, we only use the highest quality of gemstones in our pieces, each stone will have variations in colour that may not be exactly as shown in the image. This truly makes every piece unique and one of a kind!

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