Grounder | Labradorite Raw & Polished Stone


Polished on one side, and rough on the other. We often cut 100 kilos of Labradorite stone to produce just one kilo of our triple A blue fire for our Dory Blue Jewelry collection. The stones that we do not use for our jewelry are made into these amazing standing pieces which we have named "Grounders." A "Grounder" in Newfoundland is referred to as a rock or shoal over which the sea breaks.  

The light reflection is incredible. At first glance it can look entirely dark. But catch it moving side to side, or in natural light, and it shines out pure Labradorite magic.

Labradorite is widely known as the stone of transformation. It facilitates strength and perseverance through ones transitions, making it a useful companion through change, and stimulates imagination. 

Due to nature no two stones are exactly the same. Each stone is categorized by size extra small (up to 100 grams), small (up to 200 grams), medium (up to 300 grams), large (up to 400 grams), extra large (up to 540 grams). These pieces are all one of a kind, varying in shape and size making every piece one of a kind.