One & Only

Every piece of Sparkes Design jewellery has been mined and milled to bring out it’s natural beauty and depths. No two pieces are exactly alike.
Each stone is selected by Kim Sparkes, and set in sterling silver by ninth-generation artisans. Her designs emphasize the individuality of every piece by shaping the silver around each curated stone, emphasizing the brilliance of the stoneWe distribute throughout fine retailers in Canada, North America, and around the world.

If you are interested in offering any of our collections in your shop contact us at info@sparkesdesign.com for product details and further information!

Sparkes Design Labradorite grading system;

Sparkes Design recognizes the importance of a grading system for semi-precious stones. For your consideration, the following is how we view and grade the quality of our product – curating & creating each piece of Dory Blue using only natural AAA labradorite.

Natural AAA

Showing prominent labradorescence through solid, bright colours and vibrant flashes with a smooth texture.

Natural AA

Showing cloudy colour, and few flashes with grey spots throughout and a slightly grainy texture.

Natural A

Showing predominantly translucence and grey colour with weak flashes and a grainy texture.