Queen's Cove Labradorite Necklace


This beautiful one of a kind Labradorite necklace is set in sterling silver.

Chain Length: 23.5"

Stone sizes: 18 x 10mm, 17 x 12mm, 18 x 12mm, 25 x 16mm, 25 x 13mm, 17 x 13mm, 17 x 11mm, 18 x 11mm

Dory Blue Labradorite by Sparkes Design is a collection of stunning one-of-a kind pieces featuring raw and refined Labradorite, set in delicate sterling silver. Because this stone comes from nature, no two pieces are the same. 

Labradorite is the provincial mineral for Newfoundland and Labrador. Labradorite has amazing light-reflective powers. At first glance it can look entirely dark grey. But catch it moving from side to side, or in bright light and it shines out Labradorite magic!